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Micronesia - Palau (Belau)

Ngirngemelas Square - Image coming soon!

Ngirngemelas Square

P.O. Box 10288
Email: nsgmik[at]
Phone: 680-488-3253

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If you know where this is located, please contact us and let us know!

Overview of Ngirngemelas Square

Located on Ngiwal's waterfront, Ngirngemelas Square is a great place to experience cultural performances by traditional Palauan performers. Visitors can also enjoy the gardens and see a traditional kabekl or war canoe.

Background on the statue - The Story of the Great Warrior Ngirngemelas. The Liberator, Defender of Peace & Liberty. During the period when Ngaraard was oppressed by Ngiwal, there was a young man of Ngebuked, Ngaraard named Techuriaur. Each time when the moon was full, the young men of Ngaraard delivered limestone to Ngiwal aboard lumber that they pushed by hand from Ngaraard to Ngiwal. Young Techuriaur tried to convince the village men to fight back. Through various feats of strength of heart and commitments such as collecting tiny leaves of ukall trees, Techuriaur tried to convince the young men. But they would not be convinced until Techuriaur killed and smoked his own young son. It was then that the villagers fought and defeated Ngiwal. Acquiring Ngiwal's northern portion, Ngaraard referred to it as 'South'. Every full moon thereafter, the Ngaraard warriors would come to inspect Ngiwal. Should any male child be discovered, he would be butchered, to ensure that Ngiwal would not have young males to oppose Ngaraard. It was at this time that a lady of Ngemelas lineage bore a baby boy. To keep him alive, she attired him with grass skirts and let him play with girls. This went on beautifully until one day the girls began to ridicule the peculiarity of his gender. Confused, he confronted his mother, who told the boy's uncle, Chief Riumd, that the time had come for him to be properly informed. Chief Riumd explained that he was a growing young man like himself, then taught Ngirngemelas the skills required of a young man, including the fishing skill oumetilab, through which he liberated the village of Ngiwal from the oppressors, Ngaraard. And so he became a here. When the village of Peleliu was plagued with seven (7) braves for Angaur, Chief Iderrech sent a lady by the name of Obirrir to Ngiwal to request help from the brave Ngirngemelas, responding to Chief Iderrech's request. This brave defender of peace and liberty came to Peleliu and defeated Angaur's warriors single handedly, this liberating Peleliu. Ngirngemelas' pond, located off the Bkul-a-Tab point, and his grave, are regarded as significant historic properties for not only the people of Ngiwal to respect, but for all Palauans to learn from.

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