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Puerto Rico - Vieques

Bio bay - Courtesy of

Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay (Bio Bay)

Phone: 787-741-0800

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18.101497, -65.444162

Overview of Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay (Bio Bay)

There are only seven bioluminescent bays on planet Earth, and this one is the best. The water is filled with dinoflagellates that emit bright blue light when touched. It is visible at night, when there is a new moon (not present) or crescent shaped. A swim or paddle in these waters at night outlines your movement with blue-green light. There are numerous tour companies that are approved to take you to the bio bay.

The photos online you might find are enhanced to show what it looks like, but it is extremely difficult to get actual photos, which is why there are so few shown on this website. Best experience is to visit in person. A new trend is to offer clear kayaks, so you can see the fish move beneath you.

User Reviews

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"This is my second time on the bio bay. This is a 'must see' for anyone visiting Vieques. One of the best bio bays in the world, and one of the few that illuminate year round. The glowing effect is hard to describe. It's better to just visit yourself and experience it first hand."

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Bio bay - Courtesy of

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Companies Offering Tours

  • Vieques Adventure Company - Vieques Adventure Company offers do-it-yourself island exploration options or fully-supported guided tours around Vieques Island while doing our favor...
  • Bieque Eco Trips - Personal guided tours focused on sustainable aspects of Vieques. Enjoy paddle boarding, bio bay, snorkeling, mountain biking and kayaking. Fully insur...

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