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Micronesia - Nauru

WWII Japanese AA gun on Command Ridge - Courtesy of

Command Ridge

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-0.530587, 166.916912

Overview of Command Ridge

Command Ridge, where the Japanese kept watch in the 1940s, is Nauru's highest point, with an elevation of 65 metres (213 ft). The Japanese occupation of Nauru only lasted four years, but reminders of their time here can be seen by the big rusted WWII guns and wreckage that still remain. Although the view from the Ridge is breathtaking, scout the area and you may still be able to spot numerous war relics such as cartridge cases, bits of wreckage, including two large rotating six-barrel weapons (that once fired 40kg shells), bottles, and even rice bowls. Meander along the visible track south along the Ridge and you will come across a communications bunker that you can enter with a flashlight. Look closely and you'll see some Japanese writing. Battle through some vegetation and you may be able to stand on the concrete roof of the bunker and be rewarded with a truly 'commanding' view. Make history come alive by spending an afternoon exploring the Ridge and you may be able to spot more battle artifacts obscured by foliage and fallen trees. Nauru's past is just waiting to be rediscovered.

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WWII Japanese AA gun on Command Ridge - Courtesy of

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