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Micronesia - Palau (Belau)

Odalmelech Stone Faces - Courtesy of

Odalmelech Stone Faces

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7.509514, 134.626032

Overview of Odalmelech Stone Faces

The Odalmelech Stone Faces (OSF) are in Melekeok Municipality in Melekeok State on Babeldaob Island. The OSF are one of Palau's older sites being dated to around 895 A.D.. The OSF are believed to represent Odalmelech and his 5 councilmen. There might possibly a seventh stone face in the area. In the area there is a sign saying in detail about a bit of the history and tells about the legend of Odalmelech. I wouldn't make this a trip on it's own but it is good to include as a stop on a road trip especially if visiting the new capital building because the road that goes in front of the capital will take you very close to the stone faces.

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Odalmelech Stone Faces - Courtesy of

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