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Caribbean - Dominica

Victoria Falls in Dominica near Delices - Courtesy of

Victoria Falls


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15.290105, -61.271445

Overview of Victoria Falls

Walk along and through the scenic White River, climb large boulders up to the falls and swim in the therapeutic pool under the thunderous waterfall. Waterproof camera case, tour guide, and water shoes highly recommended. 1.5 hours walking/climbing round trip.

User Reviews

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"This was the best waterfall we visited, way better than Emerald Pool. A cool but challenging hike through the river (bring your water shoes) and over large boulders. The fall is very powerful (feels like you are in a hurricane), but you can swim pretty close to it. Lots of other beautiful pools and scenery along the hike."

User profile for Vera H
Vera H.
"This was my most favorite hike! It was a little difficult in the sense that you need to have good balance & agility to maneuver over some of the slippery rocks & cross through the river a couple times. You will get wet! I was soaked up to my waist. And once you make it to the thunderous waterfall, it is pure bliss. Victoria Falls is even more beautiful up close. We swam in the water next to the waterfall but you can't get under the waterfall, it's very powerful. It felt like we were in a tropical storm, haha. We were all laughing trying to get as close as we could, but the force of the falls pushes you away. Victoria Falls is a must see."

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Victoria Falls in Dominica near Delices - Courtesy of Light blue colored pool in White River near Delices and St Patrick - Courtesy of Another river pool on Victoria Falls hike - Courtesy of Small waterfall on trail to larger fall - Courtesy of Another river pool near Victoria Falls trail - Courtesy of Rock boulders you need to climb over to get to the falls - Courtesy of White River pool along the hiking trail - Courtesy of

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Victoria Falls is one of Dominica's most spectacular waterfall hikes. The 45 minute hike takes you through the untouched rainforest, crossing the magnificent mineral rich White River four times before you arrive at this 130 meter cascade. A must explore when visiting Dominica,s southeast. - Courtesy of

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Brion H. 56 
Vera H. 12 
Diane D. 10 
Kay J. 10 
Angelica Louise A. 4 

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