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South Asia - Maldives

Whale Submarine - Image coming soon!

Whale Submarine

H. Abadhahfehi Magu,
Male Atoll, Republic of Maldives
Email: sales[at]
Phone: 960 333 3939
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4.176348, 73.514444

Overview of Whale Submarine

The most outstanding attraction of the Maldives today.

If you visit the Maldives never miss the most advance and outstanding attraction of the Maldives: A visit to the underwater world in the state-of-the-art Whale Submarine, the deep diving largest passenger submarine in the world that takes you on an underwater adventure at 120feet below water.

If you have never been on a submarine this is your chance to go and dive in one of the most advanced passenger submarines in the world. Not in many locations of the world you will have this opportunity. 99% of the Maldives is water and if you haven't visited the underwater world, you have missed the most exciting views and creatures that inhibit the seas of Maldives. WHALE SUBMARINE creates just that opportunity for you. This is your chance, whether you are young or old, able or disable, to visit the underwater world without getting wet, while enjoying the sensation of diving in a submarine.

User Reviews

User profile for Kian R
Kian R.
"The Whale submarine was a great alternative for us as non-divers who wanted to go beyond snorkelling. It offers a boat transfer from the jetty in Male straight to its platform and fits around 50 people. The downside: Located in close proximity to Male's harbour, a lot of boat traffic occurs around the site and making it obviously not to have as much sea-life as we expected. The plus: driving in a submarine is already an experience in itself. The windows are big enough to capture fishes and corals from different angels."

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Whale Submarine, Maldives<br>
100ft below sea level<br>
Jego, Erix, Porter - Courtesy of Marine Life underwater ... trip by whale submarine maldives - Courtesy of Whale Submarine<br>
Male, Maldives<br>
October 26, 2009<br><br>

Jego, Erix, Porter - Courtesy of In most of the dives the submarine is greeted by a school of blue or yellowed -- stripped snappers, common lion fish, yellow boxfish and turtles are usually found here.<br><br>
If you are joining a night dive watch closely for the sleeping Manta Rays as our powerful exterior lights lit the whole area.<br><br>
Make sure you take your camera with you and never miss any surprise encounter with shark or maybe a giant grouper or the protected napoleons now feared for extinction. - Courtesy of

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