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Micronesia - Palau (Belau)

Mandarin fish - Courtesy of

Mandarin Fish Lake

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Help! If you know where this place is located, please contact us and let us know
If you know where this is located, please contact us and let us know!

Overview of Mandarin Fish Lake

This secluded lagoon lies hidden between several of the Rock Islands. In the cove of the lagoon there are two large coral heads rising off the sandy bottom where the beautiful Mandarin Fish (Synchiropus splendidus) reside. Mandarin fish are extremely shy and can usually be seen only at dusk or on very cloudy days. Other fish species as well as invertebrates can also be found hiding among these large coral heads. To the patient photographer the rewards will be worth the wait. Mandarin Fish Lake is really not a lake, but a lagoon. The bottom is white sand. Two large coral heads stand almost in the middle of the cove.

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Mandarin fish - Courtesy of Location of lake, south of Koror - Courtesy of

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Underwater video of divers in the lake  - Courtesy of

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