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Micronesia - Palau (Belau)

Mother and Child Stone - Image coming soon!

Mother and Child Stone

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Overview of Mother and Child Stone

The village of Ngermid is home to the Mother & Child Stone, apparently the Lot-like remains of a mum and kid who were turned to stone after the mother took a forbidden peek inside the village men's house. The defunct Hotel Nikko Palau used to be in operation around here; some say it closed down after guests began to see the ghosts of Japanese soldiers killed in WWII.

According to legend, the Mother & Child Stone came to be after a woman disobeyed repeated warnings to leave the area and not to look inside the bai (traditional men's house). So a shaman turned the mother and child into stone. The stone is located in the southeast of Koror island. It is located about 50m from the main road in Ngermid Hamlet.

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