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Micronesia - Kosrae

Walung Utwe water view of marine park - Courtesy of

Utwe-Walung Marine Park

Between Utwe and Walung Villages
Phone: (691) 370-2321

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Overview of Utwe-Walung Marine Park

Kosrae's other major marine park in Micronesia is named after the villages it borders, Utwe and Walung. The tranquil canoe tour across the backwater mangrove channel linking the two villages is the most unforgettable activity offered in this park named the Pacific region's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2005. The park also boasts many smaller mangrove channels leading towards several smaller islets. It offers visitors a look at some of Micronesia's most pristine forests and mangrove ecosystems. Located between Utwe and Walung villages the Park is a community-based conservation area, recognized by the people and state of Kosrae for its outstanding and sustainable biodiversity.

You can select from a variety of tour offerings at the Park – seeing the mangrove channels by traditional canoes, trekking to ancient stone ruins built centuries ago deep in the rainforest, snorkeling in crystal clear, 83 degree F waters over colorful reefs teeming with life, or strolling along the isolated beaches near Walung Village.

In the Park, you can unwind at the Parks newly completed headquarters. Set on the shore a stones throw from the famous Bully Hayes shipwreck site, the buildings architecture mirrors the past with a steep-pitch weaved roof and an open-area interior that is breezy and comfortable. Bathroom facilities available.

Even though fishing is not allowed, recreational and educational activities are permitted, so it is possible to explore this amazing ecosystem by kayak or canoe. Advance notice is recommended. Canoe tours are based on the tidetable. Transportation service available. For more information, ask your hotel call the phone number listed.

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Utwe-Walung marine park in FSM Kosrae - Courtesy of Walung Utwe water view of marine park - Courtesy of

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