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Micronesia - Pohnpei (Ponape)

View of water from Pohnpei Water Park - Courtesy of

Awak Pah Marine Park

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Overview of Awak Pah Marine Park

Awak Pah Marine Park is the most well-known of the parks in the area and has a nice big sign right out on the main road. From the parking area near the owner's house, a 0.2 km (0.12 mi) coral and concrete walkway leads to the water through a dense section of mangrove forests. At the end, there's a tiny picnic area by the water, a large nahs, and a few other huts that can be rented at an extra cost. The water is shallow and a bit silty on the south side and deep on the west and northwest side where a huge pair of PVC rings have been anchored (a good place to swim). The rock wall by the water is a fun place to jump from, but it can be difficult to climb back out. Snorkeling can be pretty good to the west along the reef wall with lots of small fish and some interesting coral growth. Unfortunately, local visitors have been careless with their garbage and the beautiful reef scenery is frequently ruined by the presence of discarded aluminum soda cans or flashlight batteries ' a sad trend on Pohnpei. Water clarity varies from crystal clear to murky depending on the tides; it's best to visit on an incoming tide. You can visit Awak Marine Park without making arrangements beforehand.

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View of water from Pohnpei Water Park - Courtesy of Tin Roof Hut in Awak Pah Marine Park - Courtesy of Mangroves near marine park - Courtesy of Sign entrance for Awak Pah Marine Park - Courtesy of

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Vera H. wrote about Boiling Lake:

"This is rated as a difficult/strenuous hike. It's about 7 hours round trip. There are a lot of steep steps going up & down. I consider myself to be mildly in shape. My quads were definitely burning going up the steps & my knees grumbled going down the steps. I was able to make the entire hike but I did have to stop a couple times to rest & catch my breath. It also rained during our hike which made the steps muddy & slippery. I slipped on the hike back & tweaked my wrists, so be careful! There was one person in our group that had to stop before they got to the Boiling Lake, their legs started cramping up. But we saw a bunch of younger kids just running up the steep steps and they didn't even look tired. Definitely take a guide with you on this one. Our guide showed us where to get the sulphur mud to put on our faces & arms like a mud-mask. He even boiled us some eggs in the hot pools! Also, take a couple changes of clothes (rain jacket, long sleeve shirt, bathing suit & a towel). It was VERY windy in some spots & after it rained on us, it didn't feel good to be cold & wet. But we did get to soak in the warm pools on the way down, it warmed us up & got us relaxed. Made it hard to continue on the hike, haha. I only recommend going if you are in decent shape & not afraid of heights.


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