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Puerto Rico - Vieques

Vieques is best known internationally as the site of a series of protests against the United States Navy's use of the island as a bombing range and testing ground, which eventually led to the Navy's departure in 2003. Today the former Navy land is a national wildlife refuge, with numerous beaches that still retain the names given by the Navy, including Red Beach, Blue Beach, Green Beach and others. The beaches are commonly listed among the top beaches in the Caribbean for their azure-colored waters and white sands.

For sixty years the majority of Vieques was closed off by the US Navy, and the island remained almost entirely undeveloped for tourism. This lack of development is now marketed as a key attraction for those looking for an inexpensive Puerto Rico vacation. Vieques is promoted under an ecotourism banner as a sleepy, unspoiled island of rural 'old world' charm and pristine deserted beaches, and is rapidly becoming a popular destination.

Snorkeling is excellent, especially at Blue Beach (Bahia de la Chiva). Aside from archeological sites, such as La Hueca, and deserted beaches, a unique feature of Vieques is the presence of two pristine bioluminescent bays, including Mosquito Bay. Vieques is also famous for its feral horses, which roam free over parts of the island. These are descended from stock originally brought by European colonizers.

User Reviews

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"Great beaches and people! The locals would offer to pick us up if we were walking, and always offered that we could call them if we had any problems. Wild horses on the roads were cool to see. Signs are lacking in many areas, so ask for directions. You'll need a rental car to get around if you want to see the entire island. Esperanza has the best restaurants (on the Malecon). Must go to the bio bay! Amazing!"

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Road trip around Vieques Island in P.R. Get to all the nicest spots, historic places, bio bay and local hangouts. - Courtesy of

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Courtesy of Shopping Nu 2 U

Courtesy of Shopping Yerbabuena Y Mas Health Food Store

Green Beach (Punta Arenas) - Image coming soon! Nature/Parks/Beaches Green Beach (Punta Arenas)

Big Beach (Playa Grande) - Image coming soon! Nature/Parks/Beaches Big Beach (Playa Grande)

Courtesy of Shopping Black Beard Sports

studio - Courtesy of Shopping Glass Art Studio

Courtesy of Nature/Parks/Beaches Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach)

Courtesy of Historic Site Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar (ROTHR) Facility

Southern Point of Bermuda Triangle - Image coming soon! Historic Site Southern Point of Bermuda Triangle

Gringo Beach - Image coming soon! Nature/Parks/Beaches Gringo Beach

Courtesy of Historic Site Fort Conde de Mirasol Museum

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Travel Information  Travel Information

Fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico (on the mainland), and catch a short flight, or take the ferry from Fajardo.

find flights to Vieques [VQS]Find flights into VQS

More Information

English-Speaking?: YES

Weather: Vieques has a warm, relatively dry, tropical to sub-tropical climate. Temperatures vary little throughout the year, with average daily maxima ranging from 82 F (28 C) in January to 87 F (31 C) in July. Average daily minima are about 10 F (6 C) lower. Rainfall averages around 45 to 55 inches (1150 to 1400 mm) per year, with the months of May and September - November being the wettest. The west of the island receives significantly more rainfall than the east. Prevailing winds are easterly. Vieques is prone to tropical storms and at risk from hurricanes from June to November. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo caused considerable damage to the island.

Currency: US Dollar

Famous People:

  • Jaime Benitez Rexach, educator, politician and humanist
  • Juan Francisco Luis, Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands (1978-1987)
  • Esther Mari, television and film actress
  • Germán Rieckehoff Sampayo, a renowned president of the Puerto Rican Olympic committee.
  • Rafael Rivera Castaño, physician and Public Health pioneer
  • Carlos Vélez Rieckehoff, local nationalist leader and political activist.
  • Carla Tricoli Rodríguez, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2005
  • Raymond Serrano, ballet dancer

Tours Tours

Caribbean Fly Fishing - Image coming soon! Caribbean Fly Fishing

Nan-Sea Charters - Image coming soon! Nan-Sea Charters

Island Adventures - Image coming soon! Island Adventures

Vieques Adventure Company

Bieque Eco Trips

Blue Caribe Kayaks - Image coming soon! Blue Caribe Kayaks

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Dining  Restaurants and Dining

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Orquideas - Image coming soon! Orquideas

Richard's Cafe Restaurant - Image coming soon! Richard's Cafe Restaurant

Next Course - Image coming soon! Next Course

Entrance with lights - Courtesy of Veritas Restaurant

miX on the Beach - Image coming soon! miX on the Beach

Courtesy of Chez Shack

Courtesy of Trade Winds Restaurant

Courtesy of Panaderia La Viequense

Courtesy of Mamasonga

Courtesy of Conuco

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Accommodations  Hotel and Accommodations

Exterior of Sea Gate hotel - Courtesy of Seagate Hotel Guesthouse  Check availability and book reservations now

Pool - Courtesy of Inn on the Blue Horizon  Check availability and book reservations now

Exterior view of resort - Courtesy of W Retreat and Spa  Check availability and book reservations now

Courtesy of Kama Hotel and Lounge

Courtesy of Crow's Nest Inn

Courtesy of The Hix House

Courtesy of Birdnestudios

Courtesy of Ocean View Hotel

La Finca Caribe - Image coming soon! La Finca Caribe

External view - Courtesy of Hacienda Tamarindo

Courtesy of Trade Winds Guest House

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  • Vieques role in US Defense - History on how the United States Navy and the United Stated Marine Corps use the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility (AFWTF)...

  • Vieques TV - Many videos to watch about local destinations and businesses on the island...

  • Vieques Map from Resort Maps - This is the digital version of the free maps you'll find all over the island...

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News Articles
  • Food and Wine: Caribbean Sleeper - Vieques, the tiny Puerto Rican island, is so sleepy that its guard dogs often doze off in the streets. Writer Susan Choi explores its gorgeous beaches and has one of the best meals of her life...more
  • Vieques 10 Years After the Bombing Stopped - Ten years ago May 1, the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico and their supporters from around the world defeated the most powerful military machine ever, through mass civil disobedience and without firing a single shot...more
  • Puerto Rico to improve ferry service to islands - U.S. territory's government is renting a fifth ferry to increase the number of daily trips between the islands...more
  • USAToday: Vintage Vieques - Travelers smitten with this 21-mile-long island off the coast of Puerto Rico love it as much for what it lacks as for what it has...more
  • Experience the world's clearest bioluminescent bay - Schedule a moonless night for a swim or kayak tour and you'll be greeted by billions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates that ignite the water with a magical blue-green glow (Aqua Frenzy Kayaks, from $30 per person). It's like swimming in a watercolor painting...more

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Random User Comments

Dave D. wrote about St. Maarten/Martin:

"Back in 2011 my wife & I visited St. Maarten/Martin as part of a Royal Caribbean Cruise. We were blown away by the beauty of the island. Here's an excerpt of a blog post about our day on the island:

The beach was absolutely beautiful, with the white sand and the teal tinged water, not to mention the great view of the mountains off to the right of where we were resting. The weather couldn't have been better either, with a few clouds to break up the hot sun. We went from laying on the beach chairs to soaking in the Caribbean Sea back to the beach chairs and beers. I could get used to this! The best part was that the beach wasn't overly busy, so it was nice & quiet and you could swim around in the water without bumping into people.

What a great day on St. Maarten. We had such a great time during those few hours while our cruise ship was docked, that we went back to St. Maarten for a full week later on in the year.


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