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Caribbean - Dominica

Trafalgar Father and Mother waterfalls near Morne Trois Pitons National Park - Courtesy of

Trafalgar Falls

Roseau Valley

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15.311671, -61.332906

Overview of Trafalgar Falls

A scenic drive leads you to the beautiful twin waterfalls with great swimming in both hot and cool pools. This father and mother pair of majestic falls, tucked away in the Roseau Valley, can be viewed by a stroll to a platform. Only a 10-minute hike, which is ideal for most visitors. Climb to the base of the falls to swim in the cool waters of the mother falls. Relax in the hot pools (located after the lookout perch). After heavy rains, the flow of water can be strong, and the rocks are very slippery so a guide is recommended, but not required. The left side of the father falls is unsafe for exploration.

Driving from Roseau, take Valley Rd out of town, crossing the river, and follow the path until you reach the falls. There will be two signs helping you along the way. The last section looks like you are entering a side road, but this is the right direction (past the Papillote restaurant).

User Reviews

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"Loved the hot springs, nice and relaxing! The waterfalls were very cool to look at, but you can't get very close to them. As you're driving towards it, you have to go up a steep hill that is unmarked, but keep going, you are still on the right path (was confusing for us)."

User profile for Vera H
Vera H.
"Take your bathing suit & water shoes when you go to this place. Also, make sure to get there early, before 10am if possible. This is a popular place for the people on the cruise ships to go to. I didn't know this when I went there around 12pm and it was PACKED with tourists! I still enjoyed soaking & relaxing in the hot pools. You are surrounded by beautiful tropical trees & foliage. "

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Trafalgar Mother waterfall - Courtesy of Cat that hangs out on the overlook area  before you reach the waterfalls - Courtesy of Lower section of the hot springs pool near Roseau - Courtesy of Top section of the hot springs pool near Roseau - Courtesy of Trafalgar Father and Mother waterfalls near Morne Trois Pitons National Park - Courtesy of Trafalgar Father waterfall - Courtesy of

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Random User Comments

Vera H. wrote about Zom Zom Trail:

"This is a decent trail that you can go on without a guide. It's a great way to get your heart pumping if you're looking for some exercise. I was scared at first to go down the difficult part (where you have to use a rope to get down a slightly steep area). But it wasn't that bad once I got going. There are great views at the end of the trail. I could've sat there for hours watching the giant waves roll into the rocks & the shore. When you are going back, keep an eye out for markers that help point the way. When making your way back to Jungle Bay, after the rope climb back up the steep area, keep to your right to get back on the trail.


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