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Caribbean - Dominica

Glasse tide pool and waterfall on hiking trail in Dominica - Courtesy of

Glasse Hiking Trail


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15.304634, -61.246425

Overview of Glasse Hiking Trail

A fairly easy hike along a traditional fisherman's path to volcanic craters and breathtaking coastal scenery on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, near the village of Boetica.

It starts at a cliff top, down to a shelter and ends at a volcanic outcrop. The trail heads inland, then descends gently through the magnificent forest. After a 20 minute walk (allow 60-90 minutes total), the trail follows the narrow ridge of the Glasse Point where you will have great views over the dramatic coastline cliffs. The trail ends at a volcanic outcrop, which has a couple of beautiful small ocean pools to swim, or you can simply relax on the volcanic rocks and enjoy the refreshing Atlantic breezes before the uphill return journey. Starting point is located opposite the Roman Catholic Church in Boetica. Look for the signs and large boulder.

User Reviews

User profile for Lauretta J
Lauretta J.
"This is a fairly easy hike accessible through the small community of Boetica on the south east of the island. It is easy walking for about 45 minutes with a lot of opportunities to stop and indulge in the breath taking view of the sea. Be prepared to get your feet wet! you do have to cross 1 or 2 streams on the way (A great way to refill your water bottles by the way!) 3 pools formed in volcanic rock gives you the perfect chance to 'soak up' some sea salt water which is awesome for curing cuts and bruises!! enjoy"

User profile for Vera H
Vera H.
"This was a lovely & easy hike through the jungle to the ocean. Nothing strenuous on this hike, just great views & awesome tide pools to swim in. Our guide picked us some fruit to eat along our walk & pointed out some flowers & herbs the locals use for medicinal purposes. "

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"Worth the 45-minute hike! Take your wet shoes, as you will need to cross a stream or two. Beautiful views of the bay and a waterfall. There are also three tide pools in the volcanic rocks that you can swim in. Awesome views of the rest of the island. "

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Glasse trail view of Atlantic Ocean and rock island - Courtesy of Glasse point leading into bay with Atlantic Ocean in the background - Courtesy of Glasse hiking trail stream - Courtesy of Glasse tide pool and waterfall on hiking trail in Dominica - Courtesy of Glasse tide pools in Dominica - Courtesy of Glasse tide pool in Dominica - Courtesy of

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