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Caribbean - Dominica

Bubble Bay Spa hot springs near Roseau in Dominica - Courtesy of

Bubble Bay Spa

Gallion Rd (in front of Catholic Church)

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15.2329, -61.361996

Overview of Bubble Bay Spa

Stop at this quaint destination for a nice relaxing time. There is a small section of the sea that has been isolated to keep the hot springs warm, so you can wade and relax. A small bar and a massage room are also available. No cost to visit, but donations are highly encouraged. Drive to the Catholic Church, park behind the gate, and walk around to the entrance.

User Reviews

User profile for Vera H
Vera H.
"We stopped at the Bubble Bay Spa to have a picnic after snorkeling at Champagne Beach. Bubble Bay was a fantastic little natural hot pool. You get a great view of the bay & the mountains while you soak in the calm,warm waters. The water & the beach were very clean. I overheard other people talking about another hot pool farther up the mountain in Soufriere. But they said it was a bunch of cement pools that seemed dirty. I'm glad we went to the Bubble Bay Spa :D"

User profile for Brion H
Brion H.
"Mix of hot and cool water is nice. I wish it was a little deeper. Hard to get to, but once you hit Soufrieres, it might be easier to walk there than drive. Use the church as a landmark. Did not order any drinks or get a massage."

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Bubble Bay Spa hot springs near Roseau in Dominica - Courtesy of Hot springs Soufrieres near Scotts Head - Courtesy of Spa massage near Roseau and Soufrieres - Courtesy of Hot sulfur springs in Soufrieres Dominica - Courtesy of

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