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Polynesia - Niue

Niue is a Pacific Island paradise, one of the smallest countries on earth and the largest raised coral atoll in the world. Enjoy world class diving, fishing, walking, caving and whale interactions set in a relaxing tropical environment. Niue is a soft adventure and ecotourism paradise.

Swim with whales and dolphins, dive within underwater caverns in crystal clear water, discover your own secluded sandy cove teeming with colored fish, snorkel over bright coral in warm waters and explore breathtaking caves with ease...and that's just your first day in Niue!

After you visit Niue, it will be a place about which you will say, 'I have a friend that lives there'. In fact you will probably have a few. You will arrive as a visitor and leave as a friend.

Niue is also one of the world's safest destinations and one of the few countries in the world where crime is almost unheard of. It's also free of any harmful animals or insects!

Discovering Niue will have you planning your return before you've even if you want a little bit of adventure back in your life, then Niue will under promise and over deliver, every time.

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Walking along the trail, you will shortly reach the Palaha cave. This large cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites, typical formations of calcium carbonate in ​​vivid colors, thanks to the presence of various minerals too. - Courtesy of Nature/Parks/Beaches Palaha Cave and Reef Flat

Courtesy of Nature/Parks/Beaches Talava Arches and Caves

Photo of war memorial - Courtesy of Historic Sites Mutalau War Memorial

Courtesy of Nature/Parks/Beaches Anapala Chasm

War monument - Courtesy of Historic Sites Liku War Memorial

War memorial commemorating the men from the village of Avatele in Niue who served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) during the First World War. - Courtesy of Historic Sites Avatele War Memorial

View of all memorials with captured German weapon - Courtesy of Historic Sites Alofi National Memorial

Monument of wars - Courtesy of Historic Sites Tuapa War Memorial

Courtesy of Nature/Parks/Beaches Liku Cave & Reef Flat

Herman's Reef Walk - Image coming soon! Diving/Snorkeling Herman's Reef Walk

War memorial - Courtesy of Historic Sites Tamakautoga War Memorial

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Travel Information  Travel Information

Air New Zealand services Niue with weekly flights from Auckland, New Zealand. It departs 9:50 AM (0950 hrs) every Saturday morning ex Auckland, crossing the date line to land in Niue at 1.30 PM (1330 hrs) Friday. The return flight departs Niue at 2.30 PM (1430 hrs) Friday and arrives back in Auckland at 6.25 PM (1825 hrs) on Saturday, having crossed the dateline again.

The Hanan International Airport is located 5 minutes south of Alofi, and about 3km from the Matavai Resort. Most accommodation properties offer an airport shuttle service upon arrival and departure. Please confirm this upon booking - or arrange. Or contact Visitors information Centre (

Once on the island, the 64 km road circling Niue is mostly sealed, as are most inland routes between the main town and the surrounding villages. Local sea and bush tracks connect everything else most of these are not sealed. At 269 sq. kms, Niue is over four times the size of Rarotonga. In fact, Niue's much larger than the entire Cooks group of fifteen islands put together….so we strongly recommend you hire a car, motorbike or bicycle for your stay to ensure you can access all of Niue's scenic sites and villages. There are several well established rental car companies with safe, well maintained vehicles for hire. You will also need a local driver's license from the Police Department - these are possibly the best souvenirs ever! You can also guarantee that while getting around you will make a few local friends.

There are some taxis available, but their hours are variable and depending upon demand. Please check upon arrival with Niue Tourism Office for details.

A number of rental car companies operate fleets of vehicles, motorbikes, vans and bikes. Bookings can be made directly to the following companies.

More Information

History: Niue's history falls into four defined periods: pre-Christianity, Christianity, the Colonial era and self government. The documentation of Niue's history was primarily oral and passed down through the generations. It has only been since the period of New Zealand governance that a great deal of literature has been compiled on Niue’s history.

Niue is believed to have been inhabited for over a thousand years. Oral tradition and legends speak of the first settlement by Huanaki and Fao, together with the Fire Gods from Fonuagalo, the Hidden Land. Some authorities believe that the island was settled during two principal migrations, one from Samoa and one from Tonga with a smaller migration from Pukapuka in the Cook Islands.

In 1774, the English navigator Captain James Cook sighted Niue but was refused landing by the locals on three different attempts. He then named Niue 'Savage Island'. Missionaries from the LMS (London Missionary Society) established Christianity in 1846. Niue chiefs gained British Protectorate status in 1900, and in 1901 Niue was annexed to New Zealand. In 1974 Niue gained self-government in free association with New Zealand and government to this day has followed a Westminster-style rule with a 20 member assembly. The Premier is selected by the House and the Premier then selects 3 other members for Cabinet posts.

Thanks to Niue Tourism for providing most of the content on this page.

English-Speaking?: YES

Weather: Niue is a tropical island, warm during the day with a pleasant drop in temperature at night all year round. Like all South Pacific tropical islands, summer is from May – October and Winter from November to April. All year round, the temperature stays between 20 and 30 degrees C.

Customs/VISA: If possible, try to co-ordinate your visit with one of the many annual village festivals, each a memorable experience of dance, food, sport, traditional arts & fun.

The church plays a large part in the community and there are many denominations catered for. Attending a mass is recommended no matter what your beliefs may be just to experience the beautiful singing.

Niuean culture and craft are key components of our “Taoga Niue”and mean everything to a Niuean.

Wearing swimwear in villages and the town is not advised. A paleu (sarong) should be worn around swimwear in public so as not to offend locals. Sunday is a respected and quiet day in Niue. Most people attend church in the morning and again in the afternoon. Throughout the country, Sunday is considered to be a day of rest and worship and visitors are asked to be considerate of the local Sunday observances. Many people play golf, go sightseeing and swimming on Sunday, but certain activities such as boating and fishing are not allowed. Anyone not sure of Sunday protocols are welcome to check at the Visitor's Information Centre for guidance.

Niueans openly embrace the presence of 'strangers' even during these most traditional events. Both are of immense importance to Niueans, as they mark a child's 'coming of age' – spiritually if not literally, since it can happen at any point of a child's life. These ceremonies are private in meaning but open to all, and Niueans generally welcome tourists even as on-lookers if they wish to observe.

The traditional ceremony for a teenage boy is his 'Haircutting' ceremony, when the long tail of hair that he has kept since childhood is removed. Guests invited to the concurrent feast each contribute money to a fund that goes to the boy after the celebration costs are paid. For girls there is a similar 'Ear Piercing' ceremony. These gatherings are usually held on a Saturday in private homes.

Currency: New Zealand dollar

Tours Tours

Commodore's Orientation Tour

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Dining  Restaurants and Dining

Courtesy of Kai Ika Restaurant

Courtesy of Scenic Matavai Bar and Restaurant

Courtesy of Washaway Bar and Cafe

Courtesy of Falala Fa Bar and Restaurant

Courtesy of Crazy Uga Cafe

Wash Away Bar entrance - Courtesy of Washaway Cafe

Courtesy of Gill's Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Cliff Restaurant & Music Lounge - Image coming soon! Cliff Restaurant & Music Lounge

Courtesy of Jenna's Restaurant

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Accommodations  Hotel and Accommodations

Courtesy of Kololi's Guest House

Courtesy of Scenic Matavai Resort Niue Check availability and book reservations now

Oceanview from rooms - Courtesy of Anaiki Palms Hotel

Courtesy of Coral Gardens Motel

Courtesy of Namukulu Cottages & Spa

Courtesy of NIC's Bungalows

Courtesy of Stone Villas

Courtesy of Restoration Reef

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News Articles
  • Niue gears up for international food festival - Niue is setting up the stage to host the first ever Kai Niue International Food Festival. To be held between October 3 and 6 this year, it is the tiny nation's newest event to attract more tourists...more
  • Seasonal Flights Increase Options For Niue Visitors - Travellers seeking to holiday in Niue this year now have greater stay options with the introduction of a mid-week service on Air New Zealand...more
  • New tourist activities on Niue - Niue, affectionately known as the Rock of Polynesia has a raft of new tourism experiences on offer to its much-valued visitors...more
  • New Restaurant Shuttle Service for Niue - A new shuttle service on Niue launched on April 19 making it much easier for guests to visit the island's many excellent restaurants. The Niue Restaurant Shuttle Service will run four days a week....more
  • Using the internet to make people stay on the island - Award-winning Niuean internet developer, Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui, hopes internet access and empowerment will decrease migration from the tiny island country...more
  • 4 million for Niue solar initiative - The remote island nation of Niue will access US$4,000,000 from the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund for a significant national solar power initiative...more
  • Niue readying for construction of a new hotel - The Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says his government is finalising negotiations with a Chinese company for the development of a 40 room hotel complex adjacent to the country's golf course...more
  • Niue opened up to Australian visitors - Niue Island, the largest raised coral atoll in the world, is becoming more accessible to Australians from November this year with a same-day connection...more
  • Plan for fast broadband via satellite for islands announced - A communications services provider last week announced plans to launch a Ka Band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) to provide enhanced broadband services to 40 million people in the Pacific including the Pacific islands, New Zealand, eastern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea...more
  • Things to do on Niue Island in the South Pacific - Unlike most Pacific islands, there are no long, white sandy beaches, only tiny, secluded rocky beaches that might be yours for the whole day. The roads are safe and easy to navigate - there's barely any traffic, and local and tourist drivers give a friendly little wave as you pass...more
  • Niue fashion rocks the catwalk - The annual Niue Constitution Week held in October was in for a shake up this year, with a little fashion flair added into the national celebrations here in Aotearoa...more
  • The first Japanese package tour to Niue has great success - The first ever package tour (organized group tour) was conducted from Japan to Niue. The tour was organized by Globe Co. Ltd., which is a active tour organizer to the small Pacific nations including Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and others....more

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