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Latest Island News

Tuvalu 10 Pacific leaders speak out on climate change
Ten Pacific leaders are on the official batting order to address the world when the final rounds of negotiations for a new agreement on climate change opens in Paris today. They are from Kiribati, Marshall islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Tuvalu, Fiji, Nauru, Palau, Cook Islands, Samoa and Papua New Guinea....[Tuvalu]

Tuvalu Masdar completes 1 MW of solar arrays in in Tuvalu and Kiribati
Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy company Masdar has completed two photovoltaic (PV) systems of 500 kW each in Tuvalu and Kiribati...[Tuvalu]

Kosrae Rockhopper Adventure Trail Run Returns to Kosrae Island in Micronesia in October
Scuba divers and adventure travelers who love to run are signing up for the third annual Rockhopper Adventure Trail Run set for Monday, October 12, 2015 on the Micronesian island of Kosrae...[Kosrae]

Tuvalu Tuvalu continues to lobby world community over climate change
Tuvalu's Prime Minister is taking his case for greater climate change action to a United Nations meeting in New York...[Tuvalu]

Lana'i Nonprofit group, local children to restore Lanai fishpond believed to be 800 years old
A fishpond on the coastline of Lanai that is believed to be 800 years old is being restored this summer by children and adults...[Lana'i]

Lana'i $3.7M spent on Lanai water infrastructure upgrades
Pulama Lanai, the company created by billionaire Larry Ellison to run his operations on the island of Lanai, has spent a total of about $3.7 million thus far to upgrade the Pineapple Island’s water infrastructure, according to a letter sent by the company to Hawaii regulators this week...[Lana'i]

Lana'i Controversial third resort dropped from Lana'i plan
Plans to build a controversial third resort on Lana'i have been removed from a key Maui County planning document, but hundreds of acres of homes, a university campus and film studio are still planned for the island's future...[Lana'i]

Tuvalu Solar array contract awarded for govt buildings in Tuvalu
Solarcity and Infratec Renewables today announced that they have been awarded a $780k contract to build a total of 170kW of solar photovoltaic arrays across two Government owned buildings in Funafuti, Tuvalu...[Tuvalu]

Chuuk (Truk) Ghostly Japanese shipwrecks at the bottom of Chuuk Lagoon
When most people think of scuba diving, they usually envision colorful coral reefs, turtles and countless schools of fish. At Chuuk Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia, however, the star attraction is not the abundance of life that exists beneath the waves, but rather the “ghost fleet” of Imperial Japanese vessels lying at the bottom of the ocean...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Chuuk (Truk) 70 years after WWII, victims’ relatives hold memorial service at sea
Relatives who lost loved ones when Japanese naval ships were sunk during an intense attack by U.S. forces on the Chuuk Islands in the central Pacific Ocean 71 years ago visited the location on Tuesday and offered flowers to remember those who lost their lives at sea...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Tuvalu Will Pacific Island Nations Disappear as Seas Rise? Maybe Not
Reef islands can grow and change shape as sediments shift, studies show...[Tuvalu]

Tuvalu Tuvalu welcomes more flights
Samoa Air and the Kiribati airline, Coral Sun Airways, have announced their intention to provide regular flights between the two countries and Tuvalu's main atoll, Funafuti...[Tuvalu]

Tuvalu Tuvalu Set for More Efficient and Renewable Energy
The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors today approved US$7 million for the Tuvalu Energy Sector Development Project (ESDP), which will support Tuvalu's goals of 100 percent renewable energy and 30 percent efficiency improvements by 2020....[Tuvalu]

Tuvalu A sinking feeling at the Venice Biennale
The Tuvalu pavilion will use the exhibition to publicise the danger it faces from climate change. Like the host city, which is slowly sinking into its famous canals, the South Pacific nation is gradually disappearing as a result of climate change...[Tuvalu]

Palau (Belau) PNCC To Introduce 3G Services To Palau
PNCC upgraded to allow 3G, but will only be available in the Koror and Airai area, Palau's most populous states...[Palau (Belau)]

Kiribati Kiribati, World's Least-Visited Country, Is REALLY Beautiful
Kiribati had just 6,000 visitors last year -- this makes it the least-visited country on Earth for which data is available from the United Nations World Tourism Organization...[Kiribati]

Culebra The island of Bruno, Rivera and Duane
Stray chickens roam the streets of the tiny Puerto Rican island of Culebra, which has 1,800 year-round residents, world-class beaches, no stoplights and two former New York state senators...[Culebra]

Yap Chinese travel agents experience Yap dive sites
Two Chinese travel agents are currently experiencing firsthand the popular dive spots in the remote Federated States of Micronesia's state of Yap to give them a better feel of the destination and relate their experiences to the Chinese tourism source market...[Yap]

Niue Things to do on Niue Island in the South Pacific
Unlike most Pacific islands, there are no long, white sandy beaches, only tiny, secluded rocky beaches that might be yours for the whole day. The roads are safe and easy to navigate - there's barely any traffic, and local and tourist drivers give a friendly little wave as you pass...[Niue]

Chuuk (Truk) FSM installs large solar system in effort to reduce annual fuel costs
A 200kWp solar system installed at Chuuk High School is now completed, with the system up and running and producing electricity that is being fed into the grid...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Niue Niue opened up to Australian visitors
Niue Island, the largest raised coral atoll in the world, is becoming more accessible to Australians from November this year with a same-day connection...[Niue]

Nauru Nauru join the International Surfing Association
Nauru have become the 87th member of the International Surfing Association (ISA). Nauru has a thriving surfing community, where the Nauru Surf Club works as a watersports center and lifeguarding service...[Nauru]

Tuvalu The world’s first official climate refugees land in New Zealand
For the first time, New Zealand officials have accepted a refugee application by a family from Tuvalu that cites global warming as the reason they can't return to their sinking Pacific island nation...[Tuvalu]

Niue New tourist activities on Niue
Niue, affectionately known as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’ has a raft of new tourism experiences on offer to its much-valued visitors...[Niue]

Niue The first Japanese package tour to Niue has great success
The first ever package tour (organized group tour) was conducted from Japan to Niue. The tour was organized by Globe Co. Ltd., which is a active tour organizer to the small Pacific nations including Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and others....[Niue]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Hydro plant reopens in FSM's Pohnpei
Since being re-opened in June, the plant has generated 138,000 kilowatts, the same amount of power which would have been generated by 38,300 litres of diesel...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Tuvalu As Danger Laps at Its Shores, Tuvalu Pleads for Action
Tuvalu, a tiny archipelago of nine South Pacific islands threatened by rising seas, is on the front lines of the planet's climate change debate. Current projections indicate that it will become unlivable within 50 years, resulting in an exodus and the erasure of a rich 3,000-year-old culture....[Tuvalu]

Yap Yap bans plastic shopping bags
If retailers are found to still be using plastic bags, they face a fine of 100 dollars...[Yap]

Maldives Traveling to the Maldives islands on a budget
Traveling to the Maldives is no longer a privilege just meant for the rich and famous. In fact, everyone can go. Let's take a closer look at how you can travel the Maldives on a budget...[Maldives]

Dominica HummingBird Air to begin commercial flights
New airline, HummingBird Air, is to begin commercial flights into Dominica this weekend in move that is said will bring relief to visitors to the island...[Dominica]

Palau (Belau) Palau, Micronesia – so much more than a diver's paradise
Palau, an island in the South Pacific, is considered a paradise for diving, but this tropical paradise offers so much more...[Palau (Belau)]

Niue Niue gears up for international food festival
Niue is setting up the stage to host the first ever Kai Niue International Food Festival. To be held between October 3 and 6 this year, it is the tiny nation's newest event to attract more tourists...[Niue]

Chuuk (Truk) Chuuk State Passes Shark Fishing Ban
All four of the Federated States of Micronesia have enacted shark protections, now that the state of Chuuk has passed legislation that bans shark fishing in its waters...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Chuuk (Truk) Satellite internet service coming to Chuuk
Chuuk is the most populous of the four states that constitute the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). This is the second deal O3b has signed with FSMTC, following a July 2013 agreement covering neighboring Yap...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Chuuk (Truk) A WWII Battle Frozen in Time
Seventy years ago, a deadly battle took place in the Micronesian Sea. Today, extensive remains of the Japanese fleet lie at the bottom of the ocean, ready to be explored...if you dare...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Kosrae Unspoiled Kosrae: Micronesian island near the end of the world
The sun came up behind the mangrove trees, a brilliant orange-pink that spread across the sky. And right on time, at 5:30 a.m., the birds started calling — a melodic chaos of chirps, whistles and singsong cries so loud they almost drowned out the crashing surf just yards from my front door...[Kosrae]

Niue New Restaurant Shuttle Service for Niue
A new shuttle service on Niue launched on April 19 making it much easier for guests to visit the island's many excellent restaurants. The Niue Restaurant Shuttle Service will run four days a week....[Niue]

Bora Bora Bye-bye Bora Bora -- 15 other islands in French Polynesia
French Polynesia has 118 islands and atolls to vacation on...[Bora Bora]

Niue Seasonal Flights Increase Options For Niue Visitors
Travellers seeking to holiday in Niue this year now have greater stay options with the introduction of a mid-week service on Air New Zealand...[Niue]

El Hierro How a small Spanish island became a renewable energy pioneer
Islands confront some of the most difficult energy challenges. Their size and remoteness means they pay extremely high energy costs for often unreliable and dirty energy...[El Hierro]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Pohnpei hosts regional coconut industry meeting
The four-day event is being held at the China-FSM Friendship Center, on the sprawling campus of the College of Micronesia, nestled on a plateau between vistas of the cloud forests and barrier reef of Pohnpei...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Dominica Caribbean Islands Promised $1bn in Loans for Move to Clean Energy
Caribbean islands that pay some of the highest electricity prices in the world are in line for more than $1bn of green energy loans to reduce bills following an agreement between governments, companies, energy experts and financiers ...[Dominica]

Maldives Maldives named #2 most romantic island
A haven out in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives aren't just one gorgeous sandy island with a perfect lagoon. This destination consists of hundreds of such islands....[Maldives]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Donated Dictionaries for Every 8th Grader in Pohnpei
A South Carolina based nonprofit has sent a thousand English language dictionaries to the picturesque Island of Pohnpei...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Palau (Belau) Japan signs carbon offset deal with Palau
Japan has signed an agreement with Palau to allow Japanese companies to earn carbon credits by helping the small Pacific island cut greenhouse gas emissions...[Palau (Belau)]

Yap Cash, Card, or Car-Sized Stone: Payment Options on the Island of Yap
The official currency of Micronesia is the US dollar, but the island state of Yap uses an additional form of money: limestone discs, some of which weigh more than a car...[Yap]

Kosrae Archaeologists find 1900 year old artifacts in Mwoakilloa
A recent archaeological discovery on Kahlap, Mwoakilloa reaffirms the theory that as long as 1900 years ago people travelled amongst Pohnpei, Mwoakilloa, Ahnd, and Kosrae...[Kosrae]

Kosrae Kosrae, a Micronesian island so remote and unspoiled, you’ve probably never heard of it
The sun came up behind the mangrove trees, a brilliant orange-pink that spread across the sky. And right on time, at 5:30 a.m., the birds started calling — a melodic chaos of chirps, whistles and singsong cries so loud they almost drowned out the crashing surf just yards from my front door. Morning in Kosrae, Micronesia...[Kosrae]

Culebra Culebra: The Caribbean's Quietest Island
The Caribbean's most unassuming beauty, a sparsely populated island once occupied by the U.S. Navy and now a paradise of deserted beaches and pristine waters, hides in plain sight off Puerto Rico's east coast...[Culebra]

Niue Plan for fast broadband via satellite for islands announced
A communications services provider last week announced plans to launch a Ka Band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) to provide enhanced broadband services to 40 million people in the Pacific including the Pacific islands, New Zealand, eastern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea...[Niue]

Yap ‘World's action needed now before we sink to the bottom of the ocean’
Climate change and tourism challenges and opportunities took center stage at yesterday's opening of a three-day summit that brought Micronesian presidents and governors to Saipan...[Yap]

Kosrae Scuba Diving in Remote Kosrae
The very fact that most people miss Kosrae is why it's special. It's unspoiled, untouched, its reefs undamaged...[Kosrae]

Chuuk (Truk) Pacific youth inspired to tackle climate change head on
Lucille Sain is from Chuuk, a small, low lying island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For her community, climate change has a daily impact that's impossible to avoid...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Palau (Belau) Micronesia explores new air links, proposes new airline
A new airline, to be named Fly Micronesia, is being proposed by the three Compact states in the North-West Pacific. Government officials are already looking at either leasing or buying two Dash 8 aircraft to launch the airline’s services into Asia...[Palau (Belau)]

Chuuk (Truk) As distant Pacific islands flood, a climate-driven exodus to the U.S. grows
There's an exodus underway from Pacific Island nations to America, one driven by multiple factors, according to island leaders and migrants. People relocating to Hawaii and other states say they've come for better jobs and health care. But there's also a less recognized but unmistakable contributor, Deeley explained: climate change....[Chuuk (Truk)]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Wide blue yonder
Lance Richardson explores nations rich in culture, charm and conflict as he hops over a key expanse of the Pacific...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Palau (Belau) Improving Phone, Internet Access in North Pacific
People in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Republic of Palau will get better telephone and internet connectivity, with support from a new project announced today by the World Bank...[Palau (Belau)]

Yap Islands going under water
Queens University of Charlotte science professor Reed Perkins says global climate change has triggered a domino effect that he has witnessed on Yap, resulting in decreased food supply amid increasing demand...[Yap]

Vieques Experience the world's clearest bioluminescent bay
Schedule a moonless night for a swim or kayak tour and you'll be greeted by billions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates that ignite the water with a magical blue-green glow (Aqua Frenzy Kayaks, from $30 per person). It's like swimming in a watercolor painting...[Vieques]

Niue Using the internet to make people stay on the island
Award-winning Niuean internet developer, Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui, hopes internet access and empowerment will decrease migration from the tiny island country...[Niue]

Chuuk (Truk) Truk Lagoon, One Of World's Largest Ship Graveyards, Open For Adventurous Divers
Welcome to Truk Lagoon (also known as Chuuk Lagoon), home to one of the world's largest ship graveyards, courtesy of a surprise Allied attack during World War II on one of Japan's largest naval bases...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Chuuk (Truk) PATA Micronesia launches comprehensive travel website
The Pacific Asia Travel Association Micronesia Chapter has launched the official Micronesia tourism website at[Chuuk (Truk)]

Niue Niue readying for construction of a new hotel
The Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says his government is finalising negotiations with a Chinese company for the development of a 40 room hotel complex adjacent to the country's golf course...[Niue]

Vieques Vieques 10 Years After the Bombing Stopped
Ten years ago May 1, the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico and their supporters from around the world defeated the most powerful military machine ever, through mass civil disobedience and without firing a single shot...[Vieques]

Kosrae Better Coastal Management in Kosrae with Tidal Predictions
Kosrae has a new set of tide and sea-level forecasts available, based on measurements from a new water level sensor funded by the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change project at the Lelu Marina, Kosrae...[Kosrae]

Yap ‘We Are the First to Go’ from Climate Change
Students on island of Yap learn that climate change is not an abstraction in their futures....[Yap]

Lifou Cruise the South Pacific islands of Wala, Lifou, Noumea and more
Lifou, part of the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, is the largest of the archipelago of coral atolls and is proudly Kanak in character...[Lifou]

Yap A Sleepy Micronesian State Faces Identity Crisis
Trouble is brewing in the Micronesian state of Yap. The U.S. is scaling back aid next year, so Yapese officials are turning to Chinese investors who plan to boost tourism. This could change the face of the tiny set of islands...[Yap]

Kosrae Coconuts proposed to power FSM biofuel plan
Moves to revitalise the coconut industry in the Federated States of Micronesia could have far reaching implications for the rest of the Pacific Island countries...[Kosrae]

Pohnpei (Ponape) US Embassy funds piggery demonstration site in Pohnpei
The piggery will serve as a demonstration site to assist farmers with learning new methods for decreasing adverse environmental impacts caused by raising pigs...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Palau (Belau) European Commission Proposes Visa Free Travel
The European Commission on Wednesday proposed to add five Caribbean Island Nations (Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago), 10 Pacific Island Nations (Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu) and Timor-Leste to the list of third countries and territories whose nationals are exempt from the visa obligation...[Palau (Belau)]

Chuuk (Truk) Remote Pacific boarding school runs out of food
Weipat High School on Onoun, one of the remote outer islands of the Federated States of Micronesia state of Chuuk, which provides education and accommodation to around 270 students from all the islands around the region, ran out of food last week...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Kosrae Kosrae Recycles Thrash, Saving Environment & Helping Economy
The Kutkut Mwo Materials Recovery Facility is also a good example of a project funded by an external agency, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), handed over to the Kosrae state government, and then leased out to a foreign investor, the Micronesia Eco Corp...[Kosrae]

Niue Niue fashion rocks the catwalk
The annual Niue Constitution Week held in October was in for a shake up this year, with a little fashion flair added into the national celebrations here in Aotearoa...[Niue]

Palau (Belau) Palau, Micronesia’s Jellyfish Lake Gets A 'Facelift'
One of the most unique attractions on the planet, Palau's Jellyfish Lake recently upgraded its previously-rutted access trail with a smoother, more pedestrian-friendly concrete path/stairway...[Palau (Belau)]

Dominica Dominica: Crab and Callaloo Soup
We can hear them scrambling through the darkness in the jungle of Dominica. They have us surrounded. Outnumbered....[Dominica]

Niue 4 million for Niue solar initiative
The remote island nation of Niue will access US$4,000,000 from the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund for a significant national solar power initiative...[Niue]

Palau (Belau) Tradition continues: Micronesian Island Fair marks 25 years
A quarter of a century has gone by since the first fair bringing several Pacific nations together began in the open green space at Ypao Beach...[Palau (Belau)]

Kiribati Ocean Acidification Threatens Island Nations' Food Security
Emissions from human activities are changing the ocean’s chemistry and temperature1, 2 in ways that threaten the livelihoods of those who depend on fish and seafood for all or part of their diets...[Kiribati]

Kosrae Kosrae Joins Effort to Create Two Million-Square-Mile Shark Sanctuary
Kosrae has become the first member of the Federated States of Micronesia to establish shark protections in its waters. The unanimous vote by the legislature in Kosrae, a small island of 7,700 people in the Pacific, is an important step in the creation of the world’s first regional shark sanctuary, which will encompass 2 million square miles of ocean...[Kosrae]

Yap Tourism project 'too massive' for Yap, says church
Public opposition has led to the suspension of a major tourism development on Yap, in the Federated States of Micronesia...[Yap]

Nauru Nauru surfers keen to display skills for new wave of arrivals
John Short, who works as a rigger at the port, with members of the Nauru Surf Club he set up so Nauruans can teach asylum seekers the rudiments of ocean survival and swimming...[Nauru]

Chuuk (Truk) Solar-Computer-Lab-in-a-Box and Solar Long-Distance WiFi Set up at Rural Island School in Udot, Chuuk, FSM
An innovative, solar-powered turnkey Computer-Lab-in-a-Box and a long-distance, solar-powered wireless internet connection were set up at a primary school on the island of Udot within Chuuk...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Nauru Tiny Island Nation Finds Olympic Pride In Weightlifter
Nauru, the smallest nation at the Olympics, did itself proud in weight lifting. Itte Detenamo was one of two competitors from his country and finished fourteenth in his category....[Nauru]

Kosrae Speaking Kosrae: The Beautiful Language Of The Pacific Island Of Kosrae
There's something exotic about hearing a foreign language spoken no matter where you are in the world. Hearing the melodic sounds of the native tongue of Kosrae Island sang or spoken by a local Kosraen (pronounced Koshyran) is no exception...[Kosrae]

Yap 1,000 Dictionaries Headed to Yap, Micronesia
US residents might struggle to find the Central Pacific Island of Yap on a globe, but thanks to a donation from the Habele, native children on the islands of Yap will be getting a much-needed educational resource...[Yap]

Vieques USAToday: Vintage Vieques
Travelers smitten with this 21-mile-long island off the coast of Puerto Rico love it as much for what it lacks as for what it has...[Vieques]

Vieques Food and Wine: Caribbean Sleeper
Vieques, the tiny Puerto Rican island, is so sleepy that its guard dogs often doze off in the streets. Writer Susan Choi explores its gorgeous beaches and has one of the best meals of her life...[Vieques]

Maldives HuffPost: Mohamed Nasheed, Former Maldives President, Calls For U.S. To Embrace Climate Change Reality
Mohamed Nasheed, former president of the Maldives, has some words of climate change warning for the United States: "You can't pick and choose on science."...[Maldives]

Palau (Belau) Micronesian leaders sign climate change deal
Micronesian presidents have signed an agreement for a debt swap strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change...[Palau (Belau)]

Kiribati An Ocean Pioneer: President Anote Tong
I had the honor last week to present the Peter Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in National Stewardship of the Ocean to a longtime friend and the most visionary head of state I have ever known, His Excellency Anote Tong -- President of the Republic of Kiribati....[Kiribati]

Yap WWF Micronesia Snorkeling Adventure - Nov 2012
There's a reason many WWF members join our Micronesia tour more than once. Some of the world's healthiest and accessible snorkeling sites are found in this South Pacific region...[Yap]

Palau (Belau) WWF Micronesia Snorkeling Adventure - Nov 2012
There's a reason many WWF members join our Micronesia tour more than once. Some of the world's healthiest and accessible snorkeling sites are found in this South Pacific region...[Palau (Belau)]

Yap Federated States of Micronesia to Access USD 4 million for Solar Project
FSM will now access its US$4 million allocation from the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund to supplement electricity generation through solar energy on its dispersed northern Pacific states...[Yap]

Dominica Walking in Dominica: surviving a long-distance trek
Despite a catalogue of potential pitfalls in Dominica, Suzy Bennett took on the Caribbean’s only long-distance trek – and found much to savour along the way...[Dominica]

Palau (Belau) President Toribiong talks about Palau’s sustainability programs
Toribiong spoke about the sustainable programs that have been implemented that enabled Palau to move forward with their long-term plans to create a sustainable island...[Palau (Belau)]

Kiribati Entire nation of Kiribati to be relocated over rising sea level threat
In what could be the world's first climate-induced migration of modern times, Anote Tong, the Kiribati president, said he was in talks with Fiji's military government to buy up to 5,000 acres of freehold land on which his countrymen could be housed...[Kiribati]

Palau (Belau) Micronesia: the Next Cruise Discovery?
A hitherto unknown patch of the North Pacific Ocean could well feature more frequently in cruise itineraries if the newly formed Micronesian Cruise Association (MCA) have their way...[Palau (Belau)]

Culebra Culebra offers quiet sunny beaches — and just the odd rusty tank
It's 12 o'clock and I'm being driven to the tiny Culebra airport by Carlos who manages the hotel I've been staying at. In about 30 minutes my plane takes off...[Culebra]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Ultimate underdogs story deserves support
The story of 'Up Pohnpei' - a new book that provides a welcome reminder of football's true virtues - is not over, writes TEAMtalk's Jon Holmes...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Chuuk (Truk) Chuuk: Underwater time bombs
Nearly 70 years on, shipwrecks are a looming time bomb for the environment and inhabitants of Chuuk Atoll. The shipwrecks are a major tourist attraction and Chuuk Lagoon is a paradise for divers. But decades of corrosion, shifting tides and storms have weakened many of the wrecks...[Chuuk (Truk)]

Bora Bora Beyond Bora Bora
Calgary Herald Article-When one considers the optimal wine making terroir, or the unique qualities of the environment that influences the wine it produces, a coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific doesn't normally come to mind...[Bora Bora]

Vieques Puerto Rico to improve ferry service to islands
U.S. territory's government is renting a fifth ferry to increase the number of daily trips between the islands...[Vieques]

Palau (Belau) Palau Focusing on Climate Change Impact
The Republic of Palau, like many island nations, is learning new ways and relearning old ways to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change....[Palau (Belau)]

Palau (Belau) Palau: A Pacific Paradise at the End of the Rainbow
On a visit to the Pacific archipelago of Palau, there's every chance you'll see a rainbow spreading its colors across the sky here in the far western Pacific. In fact, rainbows are so common that "Rainbow's End" is Palau's official motto. ...[Palau (Belau)]

Kosrae Renewable Energy For Micronesia
Micronesia is blessed with sun and wind, rain and mountain, ocean waves and depths; all sources of renewable energy for those with the wit and will to harvest them...[Kosrae]

Palau (Belau) Nature Conservancy gives $1M to support challenge
The check fulfills a $3 million commitment made by the Nature Conservancy toward an endowment to support the Micronesia Challenge...[Palau (Belau)]

Palau (Belau) New "Pacific Oceanscape" Makes History
Heads of State and Governments from 15 nations endorsed a draft framework for the long-term, sustainable, and cooperative management of 38.5 million km2 (nearly 24 million square miles) surrounding their collective islands...[Palau (Belau)]

Pohnpei (Ponape) Pacific At International Climate Conference
Pacific survival is what the region is negotiating for during the Climate conference in Durban over the next three weeks...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Palau (Belau) Global Warming impacts a real concern for Pacific Island Nations
A major new report on climate change in the Pacific Ocean region reports that the region is getter hotter, sea levels are rising, rainfall is changing and equatorial winds have weakened. The number of tropical cyclones may decrease slightly in the future, however cyclone intensity may also increase...[Palau (Belau)]

Rarotonga 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do on Rarotonga
Arriving in the South Pacific Island of Rarotonga feels like stepping into a screen saver. Palm trees dot along sandy white beaches while soft, transparent blue waves crawl up the shoreline...[Rarotonga]

Palau (Belau) Pacific nations discuss climate change impact on food, drinking water
Heads of government, ministers and ambassadors from 22 Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) and Australia, France, New Zealand and the USA will gather in Noumea, New Caledonia on Monday for the 7th Conference of the Pacific Community to discuss the impact of climate change on food and drinking water – one of the most critical issues facing the Pacific region today...[Palau (Belau)]

Kosrae Micronesia sees installation of 1.5 MW wave energy project
The State of Kosrae could become the first island in the world to be completely powered by wave energy and other renewable energy sources...[Kosrae]

Palau (Belau) Pacific warfare long over, but deadly legacy of weapons still troublesome
World War II may have ended more than 60 years ago, but for those living in the Pacific "theatre of war" the legacy of death and devastation remains...[Palau (Belau)]

UH-Manoa to host Pacific Islands Climate Science Center
United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recently announced the selection of the University of Hawaii-Manoa in Honolulu as host of the Department of the Interior's Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (CSC)...

USAid opens regional office in the Pacific
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) opened its new Pacific Island Regional office in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea October 5...

Pohnpei (Ponape) Ending pirate fishing for the future of the Pacific
Pohnpei is also at the heart of the biggest tuna fishing ground in the world, the West and Central Pacific from where almost 60% of the world’s favorite fish comes from...[Pohnpei (Ponape)]

Palau (Belau) Palau Is Naturally Eco-Friendly
With so many tourism entities intent on implementing new environmentally-friendly programs, procedures and strategies, the destination of Palau needs not enhance what is already an ingrained custom in this North Pacific paradise...[Palau (Belau)]


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Mango-rrific Guimaras: A ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ itinerary...[Pitstop]

Yela Ka Forest Micronesian Island of Kosrae Works With the Nature Conservancy to Preserve World's Largest Remaining Ancient Ka Forest
The Micronesian island of Kosrae is working with the Nature Conservancy and other international organizations to preserve the island's ancient stand of terminalia trees in the Yela Ka Forest...[Yela Ka Forest]

Yela Ka Forest Preserving a Pristine Micronesian Forest
A small crowd of conservation minded people gathered in the court yard outside of the Kosrae governor’s office to witness a historic event. Three conservation agencies in Kosrae signed a memorandum of understanding to begin cooperative efforts to establish a conservation easement in order to preserve the Yela Ka Forest and its surrounding ecosystem in Tafunsak, Kosrae...[Yela Ka Forest]

The Champs Hotel The Champs Chosen for Music Video Location
Now we can even count a music video as one of the things happening at The Champs. The video was shot primarily at The Champs Hotel and, continuing a new trend with video production in the North, it featured several Ross University students as extras in the main party scene of the video....[The Champs Hotel]

Rosalie Bay Wind Turbine First Utility-Scale Wind Turbine In The Eastern Caribbean
Norwin A/S successfully installed a Class 1 NORWIN 225 kW wind turbine on a 40 meter mono pole tower in Dominica....[Rosalie Bay Wind Turbine]

Level V (L5) Hotel New Chuuk hotel, apartments, offices set to open
L5, the newest hotel in the Federated States of Micronesia, is set to open January of 2014 in Weno, Chuuk...[Level V (L5) Hotel]

TAO Restaurant & Lounge Dominica News Online
BUSINESS BYTE: Tao restaurant celebrates 1st anniversary...[TAO Restaurant & Lounge]

The Village Hotel FSM hotel closes after 40 years in business
After 40 years of business in the Federated States of Micronesia, the Village Hotel, a tourism icon in the country has closed after failing to renew its land lease...[The Village Hotel]

Sunset Bar & Grill No plane no gain at St. Maarten’s Maho beach
Signs on Maho Beach warn of potential for 'extreme bodily harm and/or death,' but the bikini-clad tourists don’t seem concerned...[Sunset Bar & Grill]

Sunset Bar & Grill St. Maarten’s Extreme Airport: A Caribbean Paradise for Thrill Seekers, Aviation Enthusiasts
After the long flight to a Caribbean paradise, most tourists can't wait to get away from the airport — except on the island of St. Maarten, where the airport is the main attraction...[Sunset Bar & Grill]

The day the earth boiled
The world's second largest boiling lake (New Zealand has the largest), its surface churnings hint at an unstable, shuddering earth below. For Dominica, along with many of its eastern Caribbean neighbours, is volcanic...[Boiling Lake]

Waitukubuli National Trail Dominica's new coast-to-coast walking trail
Our very own explorer is one of the first visitors to tread a walking new trail which runs the length of Dominica, through virgin rainforest, over mountainous ridges and to a boiling volcanic lake...[Waitukubuli National Trail]

Yap Living History Museum New Visitor Center on Yap Shares Culture
Those visiting Colonia, Yap, in the Federated States of Micronesia will notice a new set of hand-hewn traditional-style buildings downtown where the Yap Visitors Bureau once stood...[Yap Living History Museum]

Yap Living History Museum Upward Bound students visit Yap museum
High school students from the Upward Bound Program visited the Yap Living History Museum recently...[Yap Living History Museum]

Chez Shack At Chez Shack, fine food meets island attitude
Proudly run-down and rife with tropical bohemia, the place is an island institution for Canadian and American expats and tourists (many of whom hail from Boston) who come for the island lore almost as much as for the food...[Chez Shack]

The Hix House John Hix builds "eco-chic" in the Caribbean
One of the first architects we ever met with any concern for the environment was John Hix, who wrote the influential book "the Glass House" in 1974...[The Hix House]

Four Seasons Resort and Hotel Bora Bora Worlds Most Romantic Hotels
Four Seasons Resort and Hotel Bora Bora is ranked #1....[Four Seasons Resort and Hotel Bora Bora]

Zaco's Tacos What to Eat...The Secret Recipe of Zach Sizer
Article written by Joa Tous in En Culebra magazine in August 2011 ...[Zaco's Tacos]

Susie's Restaurant What to Eat... with Chef Susie Hebert
Article about the restaurant written by Joa Tous in En Culebra magazine in February 2011...[Susie's Restaurant]

The Spot What to Eat... Fede and Alicia find The Spot
Article about The Spot written by Joa Tous in November 2010...[The Spot]

Jellyfish Lake Jellyfish Lake In Palau Swarms With Complex Historical Wonders
Who knew the gelatinous bags of goo known as jellyfish could have such a complex history?...[Jellyfish Lake]

Palmetto Guesthouse Spotlight on Palmetto Guesthouse
Featured in "Best Islands to Live On: Culebra" article...[Palmetto Guesthouse]

Palau Eco Theme Park Palau, Micronesia Introduces NEW Eco Theme Park
Recently opened, the Palau Eco Theme Park introduces a whole new brand of adventure to this Micronesian paradise...[Palau Eco Theme Park ]

Jean P Haydon Museum Jean P. Haydon Museum receives donations for artifacts and history collection
...[Jean P Haydon Museum]

Jellyfish Lake Darwin's Jellyfishes
FLOATING in a silent world the color of milky green tea, I am enveloped by an undulating horde of 10 million jellyfish, some the size of cantaloupes, others the size of apples and a few no bigger than blueberries. All dance the two-step jelly ballet: pulse in, pulse out; pulse in, pulse out. Their simple rhythm is as soothing and vital as a heartbeat...[Jellyfish Lake]

Jellyfish Lake Sensual Snorkeling in Palau's Jellyfish Lake
I had never thought of snorkeling or of jellyfish as being sensual before, but that’s how it was described to me before entering Jellyfish Lake in Palau...[Jellyfish Lake]

Ant Atoll Keeping Ant Safe
An article by the Nature Conservatory detailing the conservation efforts by the state of Pohnpei to save Ant Atoll....[Ant Atoll]

Stone Money A Giant Stone Coin At The Bottom Of The Sea
The question led us to Yap — a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where for hundreds of years people used giant stone discs as a form of money. As it turns out, those stone discs say a lot about the meaning of money...[Stone Money]

Canoe Sailing The open sailing canoes of Yap
For centuries, the islanders of Yap were renowned in the Pacific for their navigational skills. They could travel hundreds of miles in open sailing canoes, charting their course by the stars, the winds, and the pattern of the waves...[Canoe Sailing]

Stone Money PRIs The World: Stone money
On the Pacific Island of Yap, you can’t exactly keep change in your pocket when dealing in the local currency. It’s stone – and up to twelve feet across. Its origins go back millennia...[Stone Money]

Fitzroy Island Resort's successful reopening
You don't have to scour the streets of the CBD to find Cairns' next top night spot. Melbourne band Chocolate Starfish became the first to play on the stage at Foxy's bar on Fitzroy....[Foxy's Bar]

Joshua's island resort on market
Fitzroy Island Resort, owned by Sunshine Coast man Joshua Hunt, has been put on the market by his company's receivers...[Fitzroy Island Resort]

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