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Activities Review Rating
Sipyen Waterfalls
Brion H. 3/30/2020 - "This waterfall is hard to find and get to, so get help from a local. But it's totally worth it, especially after your hike through the Menka Ruins when you need to cool off!"

[5 star]
Nautilus Restaurant
Brion H. 3/30/2020 - "Staff are great, good place for a meal, especially if you want familiar food like burgers and pizza"

[4 star]
Yela Ka Forest
Brion H. 3/30/2020 - "These trees are so amazing, and the forest is so lush. You can hike through or take a boat into the swamp"

[4 star]
Kosrae State Museum
Brion H. 6/9/2019 - "Unfortunately, my experience was not very good. The sign said Open, but the doors were locked. I was told to go through the back entrance to get to the museum. I also had to leave through the back office area, as the doors were never opened up. As for the museum, it is very outdated, with some displays being broken. The information was interesting, but all of the information could probably be found online (or should be available online). If you go with low expectations, then it is worth the trip."

[2 star]
Green Banana Paper
Brion H. 6/3/2019 - "They have a full operation that takes discarded banana trees, trims them down into strong fibers, then turns it into paper pulp that is used to create sheets of paper that are cut into wallets and business cards. Zero waste operations that produces vegan-friendly gifts and supports local jobs on Kosrae. A must see on your trip!"

[5 star]
Jungle Bay Resort and Spa
Brion H. 12/21/2013 - "Cottages are amazing, like living in a real tree house in the jungle. You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but you have all the amenities you need (great bed and shower, excellent food and drinks, tour guides and transportation to places you need to go). They are very eco-friendly, so you can feel good about staying here. If you are thinking of coming to Dominica, stay here and have them pick you up from the airport. You don't need a rental car (wish we didn't get one), and they have many activities planned every day for you to choose. They drive you there, and show you around. The tour guides are excellent and are from Dominica. They even drove us to the health clinic and pharmacy to get a prescription at no cost. Jungle Bay is trying to help the local community, so by staying here, you are also supporting the community and the environment."

[5 star]
Emerald Pool
Brion H. 12/21/2013 - "The pictures of this place made us want to come to Dominica, but it wasn't as amazing as I was hoping. Still very cool to see. This is one of the most popular places to visit on the island, so there are many people in the pool taking photos (popular spot for cruise ships due to short walk). On the day we were there, the water was grey and it was too crowded. I would still recommend you visit, but also visit Victoria Falls (less crowded and larger falls)."

[3 star]
Boiling Lake
Brion H. 12/21/2013 - "This is a difficult hike to get to (through Valley of Desolation), but it's worth the effort. It reminded me of a larger version of the mud pools at Yellowstone Park. You stand way above it, so you can see the entire pool, once the wind shifts and the steam clears."

[4 star]
Victoria Falls
Brion H. 12/21/2013 - "This was the best waterfall we visited, way better than Emerald Pool. A cool but challenging hike through the river (bring your water shoes) and over large boulders. The fall is very powerful (feels like you are in a hurricane), but you can swim pretty close to it. Lots of other beautiful pools and scenery along the hike."

[5 star]
Valley of Desolation
Brion H. 12/21/2013 - "This was really cool. Similar to Yellowstone Park (USA). The metallic colors were very cool (I wish my camera battery hadn't died). You'll pass through it on your way to Boiling Lake. After you pass the valley, stop at the next little waterfall and relax in the "hot tub"."

[4 star]
Trafalgar Falls
Brion H. 12/20/2013 - "Loved the hot springs, nice and relaxing! The waterfalls were very cool to look at, but you can't get very close to them. As you're driving towards it, you have to go up a steep hill that is unmarked, but keep going, you are still on the right path (was confusing for us)."

[4 star]
Zom Zom Trail
Brion H. 12/10/2013 - "Didn't think this trail would be much, but we were pleasantly surprised! It took about 20-30 minutes, and the views are magnificent at the end. Nice waterfall, volcanic rocks, huge waves and great views of the island."

[4 star]
Champagne Reef
Brion H. 12/9/2013 - "Lots of fish, more than most places we've snorkeled. The bubbles from the underground heat are cool to see as well. The water on the Caribbean side is very calm and warm, which makes it ideal for snorkeling."

[4 star]
Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR)
Brion H. 12/9/2013 - "Snorkeling was very good. Go out towards the point on the Caribbean side, and then come back towards the white buoy. The sea wall drops off so deep that you can't see the bottom, only a bright blue glow. Very cool!"

[4 star]
Bubble Bay Spa
Brion H. 12/9/2013 - "Mix of hot and cool water is nice. I wish it was a little deeper. Hard to get to, but once you hit Soufrieres, it might be easier to walk there than drive. Use the church as a landmark. Did not order any drinks or get a massage."

[3 star]
Glasse Hiking Trail
Brion H. 12/8/2013 - "Worth the 45-minute hike! Take your wet shoes, as you will need to cross a stream or two. Beautiful views of the bay and a waterfall. There are also three tide pools in the volcanic rocks that you can swim in. Awesome views of the rest of the island. "

[5 star]
Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach)
Brion H. 5/19/2013 - "Once we finally found the entrance (couldn't find it on our first trip), it was awesome! Very cool sand, nice view of the water, neat cliffs, and very secluded. A must see!"

[4 star]
Hombre de Puerto Ferro (Vieques Stonehenge)
Brion H. 5/18/2013 - "This is actually very cool. A bunch of huge bolders in the middle of an open area. It has an erie feel about it, since it was an old burial ground. Only takes about 5 minutes to stop and see, so add this to your list of places to visit"

[4 star]
Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay (Bio Bay)
Brion H. 5/18/2013 - "This is my second time on the bio bay. This is a 'must see' for anyone visiting Vieques. One of the best bio bays in the world, and one of the few that illuminate year round. The glowing effect is hard to describe. It's better to just visit yourself and experience it first hand."

[5 star]
Vieques Adventure Company
Brion H. 5/18/2013 - "We were happy with their service. The guides were funny, educational and friendly. We took the clear kayaks on the Bio Bay, which is better than the regular kayaks (highly recommended)."

[4 star]
Fort Conde de Mirasol Museum
Brion H. 5/18/2013 - "We didn't have much desire to see this during our first trip, but I'm glad we did go through it the 2nd trip. The view from the top is outstanding. You can see all across the island, and over to the mainland. The guns on the walls are cool, along with the detail that went into building the wall."

[3 star]
Kiani Lagoon
Brion H. 5/18/2013 - "Not that exciting. The boardwalk takes you down close to the lagoon, but not far enough out of the trees to be able to see the entire lagoon. If it would have extended another 20 feet, you could have gotten the full view, and that would have made it much better."

[2 star]
El Patio Restaurant and Bieke's Bistro
Brion H. 5/17/2013 - "Excellent food and service. Clean and well maintained. Great place to stop for coffee and espresso. Restaurant offers outdoor seating under roof."

[4 star]
Brion H. 5/17/2013 - "This is our 2nd trip and we enjoyed it again! We stayed at La Gaviota with our family (4 adults) and it worked out great. There was a divider to separate the living room from the kitchen, which was nice. Waldo is a great host. It's nice to know he is around to help out, if anything happens, or you have questions about the island."

[5 star]
Brion H. 5/16/2013 - "Food was outstanding. This place was highly recommended, but I was still pleasantly surprised. I ordered the fried plantain stuffed with chicken and rice. It also came with a tasty herb sauce. Everyone was happy with their food. Great ambience with the open windows."

[5 star]
Restaurante Bili
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "Excellent food and atmosphere. Unique dishes that were delicious."

[5 star]
Crow's Nest Inn
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "We didn't stay here, but we did get their inn confused with another one. Their help desk staff called around to find our reservations. They were very friendly and helpful!"

[5 star]
Playa Brigadier (Purple Beach)
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "Nice and secluded, away from the other beaches."

[4 star]
Nu 2 U
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "Cool items for sale, worth a stop in, if you're in the neighborhood"

[3 star]
Caribbean Walk and Craft Boutique
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "Cool store with lots of different art to choose from and a wide range of prices, so you should be able to find something you like."

[3 star]
Buen Provecho Organic Food
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "The dried organic fruit we bought was good, but we were expecting more items for sale inside."

[4 star]
El Quenepo
Brion H. 7/14/2012 - "Food was delicious, and service and atmosphere was terrific! One of the best places we ate on Vieques."

[5 star]
Bieque Eco Trips
Brion H. 7/13/2012 - "Eric did a great job of making it a memorable experience. The night was perfect: clear skies, bright stars, new moon and not many people on the water. "

[5 star]
Flamenco Beach (Playa Flamenco)
Brion H. 1/1/2012 - "Pretty awesome water and scenery. I understand why it gets the high rankings. You'll find other beaches with similar sand and water clarity, but this beach has everything all in one (kiosks, showers, camping, accessibility, size, army tanks, etc). Very easy to get to from the ferry. You can easily make a day trip out of it from Fajardo."

[5 star]
Carlos Rosario Beach (Playa Carlos Rosario)
Brion H. 1/1/2012 - "A nice hike through the forest, with very nice views of the wildlife refuge and Puerto Rico mainland. Takes about 10-20 minutes depending on your pace. We didn't snorkel, so I don't know how good it is."

[3 star]
Melones Beach (Playa Melones)
Brion H. 1/1/2012 - "You can snorkel here, but we did not. We took our bikes from the town area, and it didn't take too long. Stop by if you don't want to go to Flamenco, or have some free time."

[3 star]
War Bunkers and Barracks
Brion H. 1/1/2012 - "It was pretty cool, but we had a really hard time finding the road to get here. One sign said Barracks, but it was pointing at the wrong road, and in the wrong direction. We went inside one of the bunkers, and it was partially filled with old TVs and computer monitors. It felt a little creepy to be there, as these have been abandoned for years. Strange, but worth the trip."

[4 star]
Island Ferry
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "It is a great price, but getting tickets is a pain (must be done in person), the boat can make you seasick, and others have complained about getting bumped or being sold-out or being delayed, so don't make your plans based on the stated schedule. Our personal experience from Fajardo to Vieques was good."

[4 star]
Island Ferry
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "If you want to get from Vieques to Culebra, I would not advise taking the ferry. Spend the extra money and fly. There is no direct route between the two islands, you have to go back to Fajardo, so that's 3+ hours on the boat. The flights aren't direct either, but only 20-30 minutes in the air for about $70 per person. We took a late boat back to Fajardo, and caught the sunset, which was nice. "

[4 star]
Zoni Beach (Private)
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "Totally secluded, beautiful water, like your own private island! That's me in the photo, just a quick swim away..."

[5 star]
Zoni Beach (Playa Zoni)
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "It takes longer to get here, so it's less crowded, and just as good as Playa Flamenco (without the food and restroom options). We took a taxi to get there ($15 each way). We actually spent most of our time past the rocks on the west side. Playa Brava looks too far to walk from here, but Playa Larga Beach looks reachable."

[4 star]
Heather's Pizza
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "Not a lot of pizza options on the island, but this place is amazing! We had the delicious "Boricua", and it was so big we had to take it home as leftovers. Nice clean atmosphere and friendly staff."

[5 star]
Flamenco Beach Army Tanks
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "These are pretty cool to see, but I don't think it's good to have metal corroding into their crystal clear waters. I think they should move it out of the water, and onto a hill, like the other one. Lots of cool artwork and graffiti. If you look inside the tanks, all you see is beer cans and bottles. Must be a popular spot to meet up with friends."

[4 star]
Flamenco Beach Food Kiosks
Brion H. 12/31/2011 - "Good selection of pizza, puerto rican and American food. Prices are very reasonable, considering they could charge more since there are no other options around the beach area. It's great having something so close after a day at the beach!"

[4 star]
Old Ceiba Tree
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "They don't promote this much on the island, but the roots are huge, and worth the drive. Easy to find right of the highway, if you are looking for it, but don't expect to see any signs for it."

[3 star]
Bananas Bar and Grill
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "Delicious food and desserts. Great atmosphere overlooking the water."

[4 star]
Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar (ROTHR) Facility
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "I haven't seen it up close, only from the road. You can't get past the security gates as a citizen, and I don't think they give tours."

[3 star]
Sugar Mills Ruins (Central Playa Grande)
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "If you are adventurous, you can walk through the tunnels and ruins, but it was getting dark, so we opted out for fear of getting lost."

[2 star]
Zaco's Tacos
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "The perfect food after the beach. The burritos and tacos are awesome, with many veggie options. They also have beef, chicken, tongue (yes that's correct), pork belly, carne asada, carnitas, tuna, grouper, blackened tofu, and more! Highly recommended! We ate there twice in our 2 days on the island."

[5 star]
Panaderia Tropical
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "Great prices and location. I had the french toast and iced coffee, and it hit the spot!"

[5 star]
Munoz Rivera Plaza
Brion H. 12/30/2011 - "I would call this a town square, not a park. I guess it has benches, so technically it is one, but there is little grass here. Anyways, the photos attached were from the winter holiday, and they used water bottles painted red and green to create the wreathes and tree, so I thought that was pretty cool. There was a stage setup, but we didn't watch any performances."

[2 star]
Mamacitas Restaurant and Bar
Brion H. 12/29/2011 - "We didn't eat there, only had some drinks. But the menu looked good, and we heard from locals that it was a good spot to eat."

[4 star]
Secret Garden
Brion H. 4/3/2011 - "A little tricky to find, but the abundance of green moss made it very surreal."

[4 star]
Fitzroy Island Lighthouse
Brion H. 4/3/2011 - "It wasn't too bad of a walk. Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there, so we couldn't read the inside displays with the history of the lighthouse"

[5 star]
Nudey Beach
Brion H. 4/3/2011 - "Despite the name, there were no naked people there, but I'm guessing it's always a possibility. The beach is made up of tons of crushed coral from the Great Barrier reef. Great view of the Cairns protected land"

[2 star]
Fitzroy Island Mountain Summit
Brion H. 4/3/2011 - "It was quite a walk to the top. Great exercise. We had to go the long route towards the lighthouse. The shorter route starts behind the hotel, but it wasn't safe to travel that day."

[3 star]
Fitzroy Island Resort
Brion H. 4/3/2011 - "Great hospitality and staff. They held our luggage while we waited to check in (you arrive early in the morning). They also watched our bags, since you have to check out before the boat arrives. Rooms were excellent. We stayed in a studio (cheapest option), but it was really nice and worth the money. Maybe next time will go for an upgrade."

[4 star]

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